Samsung Galaxy Buds Plus Ireland Black White Silver

Find the perfect sound.

With its striking shape and ergonomic design. Your Buds Pro lets you enjoy your surroundings right away.

Will appreciate the highly optimized speakers. And experience the perfect sound. Because everything is designed to provide advanced noise reduction with the ability to reduce ambient noise up to 99%.
Immersive sound with two speakers, three microphones. For clear calls even in noisy environments.
Ambient mode function (Ambient Sound Level) allows you to hear your surroundings instantly.

Of course touch controls (For managing calls, music, volume). Including automatic detection of usage.

Noise reduction control.

Active noise reduction on the Galaxy Buds Pro. Ambient up to 99%. Select the level of active noise reduction. To increase or decrease the noise of the outside world with an intelligent algorithm. In a noisy or low bus In a quiet library There is no need to adjust the volume.

Sound detection.

Voice detection instantly switches from noise reduction to ambient sound. When it detects your voice. For example. When you are in a cafe with noise reduction. To block out external sounds, place an order at the bar and the feature will turn off automatically when you speak. These smart headphones will stop your conversations even if you are using surround mode or turn off the Active Noise Canceling feature by lowering the volume of your music and pointing the microphone at it. The way the person is talking to you.
Ambient sound means you don’t have to take off your headphones to join the conversation. You can hear the sound clearly and in real time.

Experience the real studio sound.

From the highest highs to the deepest bass. Notes are sublimated with two-way speakers, tuned to the AKG Galaxy Buds Pro sound, delivering the most immersive sound experience of the Galaxy Buds, whether you’re listening to a new album or an audiobook at your next vacation.

  • Galaxy Buds Pro’s signature AKG sound. Certified by Harman with great scores.

Answer calls without noise.

Wireless headphones provide the best call quality. You hear less noise from outside. And there is a clearer sound than at home or outside. With three built-in microphones. And the sound detection module makes every word clear. Its low protruding shape reduces the impact of the wind while a sophisticated shielding solution blocks noise during calls.

  • Results are based on Samsung internal laboratory testing, submitted to POLQA, a world-class standard test for call quality.