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Insight into the knowledge . How to choose a monitor for computer.

Monitor can be said that it is another device that has a long term of use.Even with assembling or changing the specifications within the computer many times.But monitor can still use the same screen.If we will invest well for a monitor that is suitable for our use.Whether playing games graphics, editing, or watching movies.Take to look at the different types of each type, which one is best suited .

In choosing to buy a screen each time.Besides the price and shape that we used when considering the purchase.There are still many more criteria for choosing a monitor.And what are the rules for it?Today’s storyline will tell you the principles of monitor selection and what to see from.

What types of panels are in different screens?

1.The first type of monitor is “Twisted Nematic ( TN )”.It’s a monitor that’s inexpensive and easy to manufacture.But if talking about people who want quality images and colors are not considered outstanding.Called in the middle level and below.In addition, this monitor has the narrowest viewing angle.If we look at the top, it will make the screen unclear.Viewed from the side, the color may shift or change.Seen from below it is often dark.Caused by technology of TN is a twisting of light through a multilayer filter.Making the light coming out clearly only direct side.But the strength the TN is doing really well is “Respond Time”.Most of the TN types can be seen on the gaming monitor with a high refresh rate.It is the first choice for gamers.Also comfortable on the eyes.

2.The second type of screen is “Vertical Alignment (VA)”.Is a screen with a pixel-lined platform in a straight line.In which if talking about color quality VA displays are better than TN.But still inferior to IPS.If talking about the top, side, bottom views.There are still some color changes.But still considered wider than TN.But the advantage of this type of screen is with Contrast.It’s best that this black is completely black.Normally, the Contrast ratio of TN and IPS screens is around 1000: 1.But the lower VA monitor is around 2000: 1.Which is very suitable for watching movies.Overall, it’s in the middle of TN and IPS.

3.Third type screen is “IN-Plane Switching (IPS)”.There is a structure called pixels in a chevron shape arranged together.Resulting wide viewing angle, view from any angle color is not distorted.With a viewing angle of 178/178 degrees.Also a hard screen rubbing fingers without watermark.But if compared in the details in the dark and contrast control is also inferior to the VA panel screen.Most screens like this are very popular for graphics Interiors desired color resolution.


The value says that the monitor. How many frames of still images can be displayed in 1 second? Or popular people called Frame Rate: Fps.The general screen will have a refresh rate at 60 Hz.Which is the standard setting in the TV .The screen that can push the Refresh rate to the maximum is TN screen.At this time, the TN screen can push up to 360 Hz ever.While the VA panel pushes up to 200 Hz.In the top model IPS only pushes 165 hz only.Which asked if the refresh rate was higher, what would be the good.That is, we can see the images per second are smoother, more comfortable, and smoother .

Additional should be seen before buying monotor.

  • Resolution choose to suit your usage.If you want to indulge in high definition pictures.Should choose a resolution of 2K or 4K or higher.
  • Aspect ratio is the width of the screen.If you like multi-task.Should choose an UltraWide screen is longer than the normal screen.But if the screen used in general work movies, music, playing games.Only 16: 9 screen type at present is sufficient.

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